Photo Gallery - Art week

Last week year 3 had a lovely arts week which was linked to theme of "carnival." We look at Brazilian carnival and from this we designed and made headdresses using feathers, sequins and card. We also made instruments using recyclable materials to add some samba style music.

Throughout the week we looked at poems and created our own carnival themed poems. We wrote a draft and edited version which we have made into a class book.

Year 5 chose to study the Brazilian carnival for Arts Week. We had lots of fun designing and making masks and the children wrote some wonderful carnival poetry. For our parade, we created a carnival dance to share with everyone. We had a fantastic week!

During the carnival themed arts week, Year 6 looked at carnivals around the world. We decided to do ‘Day of the Dead’  (Dia de los Muertos) which originates in Mexico and is a celebration during which the dead are honoured.

The children learnt that it is not a sombre and melancholy time, but a time of rejoicing and memories.

The children really enjoyed: writing a short story; decorating the skeleton masks; making marigolds; baking pan de muerto (bread) and learning a dance, which they performed to the parents.

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