Photo Gallery - Avalon Marshes Trip

Year Five were very lucky to be invited to Avalon Marshes Visitor Centre by Lizzie Mee from Somerset Museum Services. We spent a day learning about how people in lived on the Somerset Levels in the Iron Age. It was fascinating to think that people were making a living here so long ago.

It was exciting going inside the round house and sitting around the fire. We looked at how Iron Aged people would have lived and compared what was the same and what was different from our own houses.

Marc Cox, an archeologist, showed us how to make willow hurdles which were used for fencing, paths across the marshes and even for the walls of their houses. We then worked with Lizzie who taught us to weave with wool and Kieran helped us to strike coins.

We learnt that life was very different and much harder in the Iron Age. Not many of us would like to have to live without electricity!

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