Photo Gallery - Climate Cops

On Wednesday 22nd January the children of Year 5 had a visit from N-Power's Climate Cops.  The children had to work on a variety of missions throughout the day to achieve Climate Cop status.

The children were taught about ways to conserve energy and also renewable energy from solar panels, wind farms and water power.  They generated their own energy in a variety of ways, such as rowing as hard as they could on a rowing machine.  In another workshop pupils worked on ways of conserving energy - keeping the windows clean, turning appliances off, turning off lights, etc. Finally, the children had to write an oath about how they would spread the word about conserving energy.

The children were finally declared fully fledged Climate Cops.  We all had an exciting and enjoyable time and learned a lot about climate change and how we could help to reverse the effects.

Mrs Alsford


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