Photo Gallery - General Election Day 08.06.17

In order to enhance the children’s understanding of British values and the democratic election process, we turned our hall into our very own polling station where they could cast their own votes for the general election! Throughout the week the whole school learnt about the voting system and followed the main parties manifestos to work out who they would like to vote for if they were old enough. The year 6’s also chose their own candidates to represent each party and delivered a persuasive speech to the whole school in order to encourage the children to vote for them. The children also considered what would go into their own manifestos and it was great to see the children debate their opinions about a wide variety of issues that were important to them. Every child received their own polling card, came to the polling station, registered, and then cast their votes into the ballot boxes. A team of children from each class were then responsible for counting the slips and results were announced in an afternoon assembly. Here’s how they voted:

Labour  91
Lib Dems  73
Conservatives  61
Green Party  59

A great and memorable learning experience for all the children, helping them to understand issues in their community and across the country.


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