Photo Gallery - Tell Tale Days

On Monday 20th January the whole school enjoyed a most compelling story telling of Jill's Quest by the "Tell Tales" company.  "Tell Tales" gave a mesmerising performance, taking a new and original twist on the nursery rhyme favourite "Jack & Jill".  Years 5 and 6 also took part in hands-on drama-based workshops designed to develop their language & vocabulary skills.
The day was a great success, clearly demonstrated in the enthusiasm and enjoyment of the pupils. However, its real success was in the inspiration for writing that the children produced. All classes were motivated to write their own quest stories based on a well-known nursery rhyme. So, we have written such stories as the quest to save "Humpty" and put him back together again and the quest to save poor "Pussy down the well" as well as the quest to win the hand of the "King of Spain's daughter". 

Ms Mackay

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