Photo Gallery - Year 5 Trip to Yeovilton, March 2017

Year 5 trip to Yeovilton  Air museum

On Friday 17th March, Year 5 went to The Fleet Air Arm Museum, Yeovilton, as part of their WW1 topic. 

On arrival at the museum, we were lucky  enough to watch the Lynx helicopters take off on their penultimate flight, before being decommissioned earlier this week. the children enjoyed a guided tour of the museum. They were able to see real aircraft, including one which had been recovered, after being sunk to hide precious secrets! The children then boarded a simulator to experience what it was like to fly in a helicopter and went on board Concorde. 

The children also took part in a WW1 workshop, learning about the important planes and pilots from the war.

We had a fantastic day, thoroughly enjoyed by all children and staff, and as always, the children behaved impeccably!

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